Förläng sommaren med BUS!

Förläng sommaren med BUS!
september 8, 2020 Patricia
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Autumn is slowly beginning to make inroads, but we are many who are not ready to let go of the tracks left by summer, such as wonderfully sun-kissed legs or fresh tan cheeks.

We know how to extend the summer with the help of tan-without-sun (hereinafter referred to as BUS)!


Preparing the skin is the basis for an even result with BUS. If you neglect this, the durability will also be radically shortened and then not in as nice and grateful a way as when you founded. That is, larger areas lose color quickly instead of happening more gradually and evenly over several days.

Start by peeling the skin with a custom peeling for the body. An exfoliation rich in oils is fantastically cozy and usually gives a spa feeling and a lot of hydration, but before a round of BUS, this is not a suitable product.


Instead, there are alternatives that leave the skin well peeled, but not with an oil film or overly moisturizing results that make it difficult for the BUS to get a firm grip.

However, your areas that are extra dry must be slightly moisturized, otherwise these areas will be much more colored than other skin. These areas can be elbows, knees and dry spots that are spontaneously on the arms, legs, décolleté or similar.

Even the face needs a slight moisturizing. A serum that goes into the skin quickly is usually enough, but which ensures that it is not crunchy or dry and tightens. Another important thing when it comes to the face is to always peel it with a product adapted to the face, otherwise the natural barrier is destroyed and it becomes far too hard for the skin.


Applying with a custom center / glove for BUS is incredibly easy. It is much easier to get smoother results and you can fade out the color naturally on the feet, hands and at the knees.

A trick is not to have too much product at a time. On the one hand, the color becomes very intense (if you do not want a very deep and dark tone) and on the other hand, it becomes a little trickier to get it even with too much product.

Have a definite (but not hard) pressure in circular motions when applying BUS to the body.
Start from the top of the arms, décolleté, abdomen and then work your way down to the legs. Start on the buttocks / thighs, to finally be able to pull the last of the product out towards the feet without refilling more. In this way, you do not get too much color on the feet, which is otherwise a classic mistake, that it becomes far too intense color there. If you would like to add more color to your feet if it has become too little, it is easy to arrange. Better a poor horse than no horse at all.
The same technique also applies to the hands.

If you use spray / mist, then spray lightly on the middle / glove and start working. Alternatively, spray at a distance of 20-30 cm from the skin and then start working with the middle / glove.

If you have mousse, take out a ping pong ball in size so as not to risk too much. If you notice that more is needed at a time for certain areas, you adjust the amount.

Lotion is heavier than you think in consistency, do not take more than 2-3 cm large clicks to begin with. Expand as needed and adapt to area. Lotion is usually a little more gradual BUS effect, but too much product is harder to get even so this is more for you who want a lighter effect and preferably gradually.


On the face you can take the help of a makeup brush or apply with your fingers.
Here, a middle / glove becomes a bit clumsy and difficult to access in all corners and is therefore not recommended.

If you use your fingers, start with the face and not the body, as you will need to wash your fingers afterwards. If you have started with the body, you have already applied BUS to the hands / fingers that you want to remain, so it will be a bit unnecessary process if you have to wash it.


To get the best conditions, we have gathered the products in one place, so you can click and read about which one is your favorite and suits you.

Products with BUS for the body can be found HERE.
There you will also find working peels and lotions to prepare the skin with.
The practical glove is also included!


For the face, we have collected THESE products.
Even there you will find peels and serums for moisturizing to succeed as well as possible with your BUS.


Hope our BUS school was helpful to you.
We are on site at our SPA facilities if you want to visit us and talk tan-without-sun or other skin care.
You can also read more about the products here on the web shop.

Good luck!

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